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Iconary App

Iconary ist ein mobiles Wörterbuch speziell für Flüchtlinge. Mit Bildern und Audio-Begleitung bietet es verschiedenste Inhalte als Smartphone App an.

"easy, free and offline - iconary is specially designed for refugees needs: learn the very basic vocabularies for daily life just by icons and voice output. And the best: you don´t need to be connected and it´s completely free.
5 languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish and English. What do you want to learn?

10 categories: like groceries, transport or clothes help you to learn your first words for daily life.
Icons only: Every word is illustrated by just a simple icon - the modern and reduced design helps you to learn quick & easy while swiping through the words.

Voice output: Having problems with the right pronunciation? Just push the audio button and hear how the word is spoken."

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